Saturday, February 4, 2017


When doing a massing study you sometimes need to assign different colors to masses because they are transparent and forms are easily confused.

1.-Select one of the masses and Edit in Place:

2.-Choose the material to edit.

3.-Duplicate the "Default Mass Shade" material and give it a new name

4.-Go to the "Appearance" tab and DUPLICATE the asset --if you just change the asset instead of duplicating, all other materials containing this asset will also be changed!!! -- This tip applies for any material. Assign the new color.

5.-Be sure to also change the color in the "Shading" box under the "Graphics" tab.

6.-Click OK and "Finish" editing the mass. You now have a green mass that easily stands out from the others.

Repeat the process to as needed according to your project to easily distinguish and work with your masses.

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